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Opera for Mac

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    Jan. 27, 2011
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    #5 in Web Browsers

Editors' Review


The bottom line: Extensions, highly competitive page-load times, cutting edge features, and strong support for "future Web" technologies make Opera 11 one of the best browsers available.

The second-oldest browser currently in use, Opera debuted way back in 1995 and has recently undergone a major overhaul. No longer the quirky choice of enthusiasts, Opera has developed into a robust, full-featured suite of browsing tools.

Opera covers the basics with tabbed browsing, mouse-over previews, a customizable search bar, advanced bookmarking tools, and simple integration with e-mail and chat clients. Mouse-gesture support, keyboard shortcuts, and drag-and-drop functionality round out the essentials.

Installing Opera is a fast and short process, taking less than two minutes. Many of Opera's built-in features require creating a MyOpera account, but the browser will only prompt you to do so when you use them for the first time--it's not required to browse.

Tap the "Options" button on the first install screen to reveal configuration tweaks. Besides changing the browser's default language and install path, you can also install for just the currently-signed on user, or choose to install Opera directly to an external device. It's a great, simple way to create a portable version of Opera for a USB key.

Opera's interface keeps the same look that debuted in Opera 10.50, with a condensed menu button in the upper left corner, tabs on top, and a translucent status bar on the bottom that hosts buttons to reveal Opera's Panels, and to activate Link, Unite, and Turbo. The bottom right corner of the status bar sports a dedicated zoom button.

Buttons on the navigation bar have been condensed, and are now the same height as the location bar. This gives the interface a polished look, and minimizes the amount of space that the bar takes up. The search box, located in its default space to the right of the location bar, can be removed. That and further interface customizations can be made by right-clicking on the navigation bar and selecting customize.

Extension buttons appear to the right of the search box, as they do in Google Chrome, while a recycle bin for quickly re-opening recently closed tabs lives on the right side of the tab bar.

The influence of the radical interface changes that Google Chrome introduced in 2008 can be seen here, from the tabs on top to the extension icons, yet Opera's personality does still come through enough to have a different vibe and feel from Chrome.

Features and support
The five major browsers have been liberally borrowing features and innovations from each other for years, yet Opera has developed a reputation for showcasing some of the more interesting browser developments first.

Opera 11 introduces tab stacks, a tab grouping mechanism similar in concept to Firefox 4's Panorama, but completely based in the tab bar. To use it, drag one tab on top of another. The bottom tab will disappear, and an arrow will appear to the right of the tab. Click it to reveal the stack, and drag a tab off the stack to separate it. Where Panorama's global viewpoint makes it easy to see all your tab groups, Opera's tab stacking feels much smoother and more intuitive.

As noted earlier, extensions have finally come to Opera in version 11. Opera uses a lightweight extension framework based in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to minimize the processor hit that add-ons can incur. If you're familiar with the extension networks in the WebKit-based Chrome and Safari, you'll be very comfortable with how Opera handles its add-ons. It's interesting to note that Opera sees extensions as singing in harmony with their existing Widgets framework, saying that widgets are basically stand-alone Web-based applications, while extensions are for changing the user experience in-browser.

A third big change is the introduction of on-demand plug-ins. This is a feature that has been on the periphery of user awareness for a while, but it's about to go big as it provides much more control to users over page security and page load times. It's great for people who are rightly worried about unpatched Flash and QuickTime security exploits, or just want sites to load faster. Go to Preferences, Advanced, then Content to toggle it.

Another change comes to the security badge system, which marks sites as "verified safe". Click on the gray "Web" globe icon to the left of the URL bar to check a site's status. Getting information returned was quick on most sites, although it was a bit slow for others. The badges are colored yellow for "secure", green for "trusted", and blue for when you're running Opera's Turbo mode, another excellent feature that's designed for assisting people surfing on slower connections. The Turbo badge will also display estimated data savings. You can turn on Turbo using the button in the status bar at the bottom left of the browser.

Opera's site badges also include a useful reporting mechanism, so it's easy to report a site as fraudulent or malicious.

There have been some smaller tweaks to the browser, too. Pinning a tab will now jump it to the left of the tab bar, as is done in other browsers. The personal bar has been replaced, too, by a bookmarks bar, both pulling the browser into parity with the competition and making bookmarks accessible with one click.

Opera's extras push it to among the top of the class. Opera's desktop widgets can appear anywhere, and Opera Unite and its deep feature set for file sharing and streaming is now available to Mac users. Quick Find has improved the search tool, allowing for full text searching from the address field, the history panel, and opera:historysearch. We're also fans of the inline spell checker that supports 51 languages, and the recent addition of the auto-updater. Unlike Chrome's automatic updates, Opera plays nice with its users and gives you several choices as to how to implement auto-updating, including disabling it.

There's Growl and multitouch trackpad support on Macs, support for some HTML5 including next-generation video and audio codec WebM, geolocation compatibility, Web Workers, App Cache, and Web fonts. The Web Open Font Format (WOFF), which Opera co-sponsored, hasn't yet been added, although Opera expects it will be soon. Meanwhile, Opera Link enables Bookmarks, the Personal bar, Speed Dial, and Notes synchronization across all other Opera instances, including the iPhone's Opera Mini. Opera's availability on multiple mobile and desktop platforms makes it uniquely appealing as a one-stop browser shop.

One of Opera's lesser-known features is its integrated mail client. It's a reasonable alternative to Outlook, offering many similar features. It can handle importing mailbox files from Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Netscape, and Eudora, supports POP3 and IMAP, and quickly synced with Gmail when we added our account.

There are other features in Opera, including tab previews, newsgroups support, a built-in session manager, and a fantastic array of customizations that rivals Firefox. Of all the browsers out there, Opera ships with a massive feature set and is an excellent choice for users who want something fast and robust right out of the box.

Opera some big performance improvements in this version, and they appear to bear out. In addition to helping some pages load up to 30 percent faster simple by toggling the plug-ins, as described in the features section above, the browser's performance in general has been improved. Opera says that Opera 11 is 15 to 20 percent faster than Opera 10.63, and that the browser size on disk has been reduced by almost one-third.

Full benchmarks will be added here as they are completed, but preliminary results indicate that Opera 11's page-load times remain comparable to Google Chrome's on publicly-available benchmark tests like Google's V8, WebKit's SunSpider 0.9.1, Mozilla's Kraken, and Futuremark's Peacekeeper.

Opera is in firm grip of the 5th-place slot in the race to be the world's most-used browser. It doesn't have the backing of a major corporation like Apple's Safari, Google's Chrome, or Microsoft's Internet Explorer, and it lacks the massive developer's community of Mozilla's Firefox. What it does have, and these are recent developments to be sure, are a fantastic combination of speed and built-in services.

Opera undoubtedly has what it takes to unseat even the biggest-name browsers. You just need to hear it sing.

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Results 1–6 of 6

1 stars

"It'd be nice if it'd actually open up."

March 01, 2011  |  By Gun665

 |  Version: Opera 11.01


My mom always said if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all.


I think THEY need to read what systems it will and won't work on!

Downloaded, installed; then when tried to open it received error message -
"This can not be opened on this system".
Mac OSX 10.4.11 Power PC


I'm pretty peeved. Either build it so it works or don't build it at all.

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5 stars

"My favorite browser"

February 12, 2011  |  By man1ax

 |  Version: Opera 11.01


-)Starts amazingly fast
-)clean interface
-)many many gadgets(e.g. Unite, which helps lets you listen to your PCs music on other computers)
-)only came across one site that didn't load correctly
-)very stable(didn't crash on me once)


-) not as many add-ons as firefox


I've been using opera for 2 months now and will not change browsers. I love it and I would like to encourage other people to change to opera, because the makers have done a very good job on it.

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3 stars

"Not bad. Netflix wont play on it tho."

February 05, 2011  |  By TheJayBob

 |  Version: Opera 11.01





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5 stars

"very easy to use"

February 02, 2011  |  By untamedcuervo

 |  Version: Opera 11.01


had lots of tools


i didn'nt see any cons


great app.

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2 stars

"Great in theory, glitchy as h*ll in practice."

January 28, 2011  |  By MsMerBear

 |  Version: Opera 11.01


Great interface with my multitouch trackpad; good native bookmarking/surfing functions; synched well with mobile app on my iPhone; really very nice to use.


Crashed all the damn time. Most usually when trying to view media on BBC or WSJ; there is something about embedded video that unequivocally disagrees with Opera.


Stuck with it for about three weeks and would have loved it if it had reliability been comparable with even that of Safari; as it is, I've grudgingly switched to Chrome.

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2 stars

"Lots of features"

January 28, 2011  |  By SpeedySam21

 |  Version: Opera 11.01


Fast and good features;


I use Google Chrome which sometimes crashes at certain sites. I looked at Opera as alternative. But Opera did not do better. eg. Opera crashed when visiting wsj.com


Google Chrome is still better so I will stick with it.

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Results 1–6 of 6

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Full Specifications

What's new in version 11.01
  • Support for window.DOMStringList object of the W3C DOM3 DOMStringList Interface
  • Translation updates added throughout the UI
  • Added Opera Portable/USB for Mac and single profile
  • See the Opera Desktop Team article: Opera Portable for Mac (USB)
  • Optimized bookmark menu updating, preventing freeze occuring on keyboard input.
  • Various mouse gesture sensitivity and recognition issues
  • Crashes occurring with Opera Dragonfly reload, file download, extension autoupdate, search suggestions
  • Crash occurring when clicking a link twice
  • An issue with feed preview
  • Window switching keyboard shortcut not working (Command-`)
  • Crash occuring when closing a tab
  • Crash occuring when opening a downloaded file
  • Default size of the search field unintentionally changing
  • Crash occuring on page load for some sites, for example vkontakte.ru
  • Repaint issues occuring when in Facebook
  • Disk cache in Turbo mode being prematurely emptied after bringing up a context menu
  • Deactivated auto-reload in speed dials when the address changes
  • Exposed the widget object to extension scripts
  • Streaming Silverlight will not display (NRK nett-TV)
  • script element being re-executed if child text changes
  • HTMLElement.toString() throwing an exception for all HTMLElement prototypes
  • Touch event attributes being misnamed in SVG
  • Dynamically added style sheet fails to apply if rel attribute is set after a href attribute
  • DocumentType not being prototypable
  • Empty script elements still have an empty text node child
  • Iframe with document.domain is not being allowed to open parent's document
  • Not being able to submit forms with input[type="search"] or with when pressing Enter
  • Deeply nested (5+ levels) iframe not loading in Analytix
  • Crash when clicking in a dropdown on a WAP page
  • Crash prevention for spell checking
  • URI fragment identifier not being exposed in all URIs
  • Updated the HushMail mailproviders entry
  • Added MobileMe Mail-me.com-to mail providers
  • Now possible to open the mail panel as a tab when only using feeds
  • The appearance of the signature editor
  • HTML replying and forwarding format
  • Crash occurring with the mail account dropdown
  • Scroll bar not being shown properly in Mail
  • Mail bodies sometimes not loading in single message view
  • Settings being lost for POP views after a restart
  • Unread count in the Mail panel button not being updated
  • Crash occurring when changing an M2 account in mail compose
  • The default font for HTML mail composition
  • Simultaneouly fixed an issue with dir=rtl that was inserted in the wrong place in the HTML
  • Mail Toolbar instead of Feed Toolbar being shown when searching in a 'feeds only' installation
  • Right-click context menu in Mail panel section headers being misplaced when the section is expanded
  • Incorrect right-click context menu being in the Mail Toolbar search field
  • Crash occurring when trying to edit two links in mail compose at once
  • Crash occurring while creating folders when no item is selected in the feed section
  • Index sizes above 2 GB that have negative values in the mail panel window
  • Issues with the mail panel context menu when only using feeds
  • Account does not loading on startup if the signature is wrong
  • Showing feeds when showing a mail account (show messages from)
  • Enabled the Mac OS File Quarantine
  • Removed support for "javascript:" URLs in CSS -o-link values, to make it easier for sites to filter untrusted CSS.
  • Fixed an issue where large form inputs could allow execution of arbitrary code, as reported by Jordi Chancel; see our advisory.
  • Fixed an issue which made it possible to carry out clickjacking attacks against internal opera: URLs; see our advisory.
  • Fixed issues which allowed web pages to gain limited access to files on the user's computer; see our advisory.
  • Fixed an issue where email passwords were not immediately deleted when deleting private data; see our advisory.
Publisher Opera Software
Publisher web site http://www.opera.com/
Release Date January 27, 2011
Date Added January 27, 2011
Version 11.01
Category Browsers
Subcategory Web Browsers
Operating Systems
Operating Systems Mac OS X 10.4 Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.5 Intel/PPC
Additional Requirements None
Download Information
File Size 1.42MB
File Name Opera_NI_stable.zip
Total Downloads 508,281
Downloads Last Week 369
License Model Free
Limitations Not available
Price Free

Previous Versions:

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