Growl specifications

What's new in version 1.2.1

  • New disk image background ([7de3aa4ef83e])
  • Fixed Spanish translation error in disk image background ([7de3aa4ef83e])
  • Replaced GrowlMail in Extras folder with a link to the GrowlMail web page, since it's now separate from Growl releases ([2608c36bf8e9])
  • Updated copyright ranges to include 2010 ([fb2a6317c10c])
  • Handles old plug-ins you can't use anymore more sanely ([384b50bb0ab1])
  • Fixed MailMe display generating invalid messages, which may manifest as receiving blank messages or messages getting eaten by mail servers ([40ea1dbbdbc5])
  • Speech display now reads notification titles as well as descriptions ([49d5f4f052c8])
  • Speech display now obeys the rate set in the Speech prefpane (#112, [acff121c0155])
  • WebKit-based displays are now much, much faster ([073a82c1a4fb], [fe44b97253d1], [1f9563105fd9], [d8b57dfcd2ae])
  • WebKit-based displays can use frames now ([6fb5820ed75e])
  • Hopefully enabled relative URLs in WebKit-based display styles ([04cd118c896e])
  • Fixed the positioning hang (#103, [4a2eb058f472])
  • Worked around a bug that caused WebKit-based display windows to sometimes be only 1 pixel tall (#108, [6ae6091ed8c6])
  • Fixed gradually-increasing memory usage over time, especially when using WebKit-based display styles ([ce8b07d8de26], [cd1d446f791b], [507967d00c44], [693159a5f0e8])
  • Fixed forwarding recipients not being able to listen for connections ([8b8d2ecd6c25])
  • Fixed a crash when trying to load application tickets with no application name, reported by Hannes Mannerhiem ([07b66c657951])
  • Growl now automatically detects when you put plug-ins in the PlugIns folder yourself ([49a403343bf0])
  • Added a sample display plug-in for Cocoa display developers ([2eca58333ab2])
  • Fixed lazy loading of plug-ins ([9c0b9f927d0e], [4e571142d4ce])
  • Growl now loads application tickets once instead of twice ([c5151d9559e7])
  • Fixed a memory leak when loading saved application registrations ([f8ebcae026f6])
  • Added a log message for when a saved registration contains a bundle identifier that isn't a string ([e423155bfdf1])
  • Fixed excessive memory usage in the logging subsystem ([697f666f8b4a])
  • Fixed a memory leak when clickable notifications fade out or are clicked, reported by Wim Leers ([275650724c61])
  • Fixed bogus disabling of plug-ins that shouldn't have been disabled ([5e2b01d86037], [8fe45fd61f7d])
  • Fixed bogus disabling of MailMe when you have no sending accounts set up in Mail ([4ac369b906c7])
  • Updated the "Get More Styles" link on the disk image
  • Added a version string to the MailMe display ([1c3b7b4c4a12])
  • Fixed copying a header file into the release distribution ([233e2eb2e3da])
  • The preference pane now displays the revision number for development builds ([f2deb58c350d], [3994e363a689]--this caused the above known bug)
  • Fixed displaying the revision number instead of the beta number ([cd4744807767])
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs in parsing, comparing, and unparsing version numbers ([d71f842e5297], [8e4e8d23bf2d], [dac1afb94166], [4afa80e74a25], [cf3cc57fd5f7], [ae36d1878499], [ec1cf41d2ca4], [273618d372b1], [5fa478e3475a], [987556ed56e3], [e21dae320e19], [e49d3c2578db], [4a9574d9aaa9], [40f6776be4ce], [683a0b610604], [b6283642466e])
  • Fixed many warnings ([bed4a154b38f], [9fefef3a977e], [37955381cd55], [c3d029da13dc], [6b34f4156f6b], [99d368aa61c3])
  • Fixed building from a tarball ([f5c4f91c5261])
  • Burninated some old code we weren't using ([9a290d3de636], [15cfd9b13707], [2db8a7ee4378])
  • Restored your ability to click a "Download finished" notification to reveal the downloaded file in the Finder (#118, [d34cd7d301f5])
  • Now has an icon ([9b7248bc54c2])
  • Robustified in a few places ([9bf3d74dc04f])
  • Fixed a hang on Snow Leopard under certain circumstances (#114, [1a19b81fa305], [1a71a675d862])
  • Fixed notifications that don't have album art showing the iTunes for Mac OS icon when iTunes for Mac OS is installed ([c9988887095c])
  • Ripped out code supporting old versions of iTunes; GrowlTunes now requires iTunes 4.7 or later ([1965ad0e7d66])
  • Fixed GrowlTunes notifying while iTunes is the active application (#112, [1b90cdbf5fc4])
  • Updated minimum OS version for Growl, preventing bogus installation prompts ([2f99d2f175f4])
  • Only ever register with a running GrowlHelperApp, never a GHA that isn't running ([3cbd662ab3c1])
  • Fixed a leak in sending the registration event ([987d555071f6])
  • Fixed leaks that occurred when running in a garbage-collected application ([845941e3fa7f], [383d84e26955])
  • Fixed warnings and analyzer flags ([d969316df385], [a1733bc0be40], [b5cd8c227a69], [ebe7f0a2ff4d], [714a3c623b46], [1a0499744fd3])
  • Now uses an Installer package for installation ([729689fd7751], [3d044b381433], [d96c40713701], [08081c3654f0])
  • Fixed leaks ([4ec3953889a2], [19e93ceaef16], [febb38b502a7])
  • Fixed warnings ([c928953c5ec9], [4077d115b390], [02d3d0481b6b], [53cb25bcdfea], [2cbf094215a6])


  • Publisher The Growl Project
  • Publisher web site
  • Release date July 09, 2010
  • Date added July 09, 2010
  • Version 1.2.1


System requirements

  • Operating systems Mac OS X 10.5 PPC, Mac OS X 10.5 Intel, Mac OS X 10.6
  • Additional requirements Not available

Download information

  • File size 6.09MB
  • File name Growl-1.2.1.dmg


  • Total Downloads 20,801
  • Downloads last week 32


  • License model Free
  • Limitations Not available
  • Price Not available