Avira Online Essentials gets it right

Avira's newly launched dashboard makes security make sense across your devices.

Avira Online Essentials attempts to give users a more approachable, more modern, more encompassing way to manage security across devices. Online Essentials has been in the works for a long time, as have many other security apps tackling multidevice management, but so far none stands above the rest.

Avira Online Essentials' interface

So what exactly is Avira Online Essentials? It's not a piece of downloadable software but a polished security dashboard and download portal. Avira wanted to streamline the security experience by making an online dashboard that lets you download and monitor any Avira software for any device you own, whether it be a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

This means you can more or less install or enable installations of Avira on any device you own, all from one location. What makes Avira Online Essentials so remarkable is the minimal barrier to entry. The dashboard not only displays which devices have what installed, but also a basic status update for each device. Instead of confusing you with system-level detail, Avira's dashboard displays only the essentials like the number of files scanned, the number of infections, and the number of scanning errors. Whether you're running it on Android, iOS, or Windows, the interface remains a cohesive experience across platforms.

Avira Online Essentials' scan report

Even on the Windows side Avira has drastically reduced the systematic, conventional approach to running and scheduling scans or quarantining files. Those menus are more or less out of sight and out of mind. Everything funnels back to the Avira Online Essentials experience, a gamble that Avira has invested heavily in since the last time I previewed it.

Everything about Avira Online Essentials seems to hit the right notes: a seamless, familiar design across devices; a limitless approach to covering all angles of your device arsenal.

Avira Online Essentials' interface for adding a device

Avira Online Essentials covers all bases for security management: remote management, antitheft, backup storage, and, of course, online protection. Each feature appears to be the result of equal attention, making them true core offerings instead of tacked-on, extraneous features. The team at Avira has put tremendous focus on the user experience for what is traditionally monotonous maintenance. Users once had to ask themselves, "How do I keep my computer safe?" Avira distills that to a yes or no question: "Do I trust Avira?" If Avira Online Essentials is any indication, that question shouldn't be too hard to answer.

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