Windows, Linux, Unix Emulator review

Run some of the most popular desktop operating systems on your Android device, and enjoy games and other apps with this potent emulator, but don't expect to do it, easily.

While fast and functional, Windows, Linux, Unix Emulator loses points for its limited OS file support, as well as for its rather clumsy file loading process. This emulator needs strong hardware to run properly, preferably a quad-core processor, and at least 1GB of RAM, especially for emulating more intensive operating systems, like Windows. For those with good technical knowledge and patience, this app is useful; for everyone else, not so much.

Windows, Linux, Unix Emulator comes with a basic, effortless interface. To be able to emulate one of the supported operating systems on your Android device you have to install libSDL, an unauthorized software, which can lower your security, at least in theory. Though straightforward, the ensuing OS loading process is complicated by the app's support only for IMG files. Most operating systems come as ISO or BIN, and there's no app for converting from those formats to IMG on Android that we know of. A few OS images are available for download through the app, but few of these have the IMG extension. In our tests, the FreeBSD OS recommended by the app worked well, as did an early release of Windows XP, though we did experience some minor glitches and performance issues.

In the end, Windows, Linux, Unix Emulator appeals only to OS geeks. Before downloading it, keep in mind that as with any emulator, you may encounter a wide variety of errors and performance issues while using it, depending on what OS you're trying to emulate, as well as on your specs.

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