WiFi File Transfer Pro review

Transfer files between your device and your Windows or Ubuntu computer via FTP without having to do almost any setup work.

WiFi File Transfer Pro makes it easy for you to transfer files between your mobile device and computer without a cable, by using an FTP Client like FileZilla or your Windows file explorer. Extremely easy to set up and use, this app is a great alternative to other, more complicated wireless transfer apps that require you to register an online account, use a Web app, or limit the type of files you can transfer. Despite the name, this is a free app without any in-app purchases.

After a speedy installation, all you have to do to start transferring files with WiFi File Transfer Pro is generate an FTP URL, which you can copy and then can paste into your FTP client of choice, or even more conveniently, straight into your Windows file browser. In our tests the app worked perfectly with the latest Ubuntu (Linux) file browser, as well. A great thing about this app is that it can also be used as a wireless device file manager via your computer file browser. The speed varies depending on your connection: it took us seven minutes to transfer a 1.5GB movie, and about 30 seconds for a 100MB photo album. While running the app you will have to put up with occasional fullscreen ads.

WiFi File Transfer Pro works perfectly. It's an excellent choice if you want to transfer files wirelessly between your smartphone or tablet and your Windows (or Ubuntu) computer without having to go through any complicated setup processes.

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