Internet Speed Test review

Check if you're getting all of the Internet speed you expect from your phone or tablet.

Internet Speed Test is an OK way to test your Internet speed, but only if you can get past the ads. That's often tough to do, sadly, as they come at you from every corner. It doesn't help that this app is competing with several already established apps in the Google Play store.

This app offers to give you your current Internet upload, download, and latency speeds whether you're on 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi. It tracks all of your speed test scores with dates and times, so you have an idea of when your speeds are at their best and worst. Internet Speed Test gave us approximately the same answer every time we tested, which is a good sign that it's right. However, its speed estimates were almost half of what another speed test app, Ookla's Speedtest, gave us, which was a little concerning. Every time we ran a test or loaded the app, it would send giant pop-up ads that advertised other apps, which was annoying. These came in addition to an ad agreement when we first used the app that threatened to put ads on our browser and our search pages.

That doesn't help this app's credibility, which is important when it's competing against one of the most trusted speed test apps around. Still, Internet Speed Test isn't a bad way to figure how fast or slow your Internet is performing at the moment. That makes it fine if you just need an estimate, but not as good if you're trying to prove your Internet speeds are worse than what you're paying for.

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