Level Money for Android review

Level Money for Android is an easy-to-use budgeting app that tracks your income and spending habits to recommend daily spending caps.

Level Money is a budgeting app that streamlines your savings plan and tells you how much you're allowed to spend.


Easy to follow: Level Money calculates your allowed spending through a rudimentary equation: Income - bills - savings = spendable money. It's a clear, distraction-free tool for common financial situations.

Short setup: Level Money's friendly guide and (mostly) easy setup process quickly integrates your financial information from various accounts. However, there may be extra steps, depending on your financial institution. Level's account-removal process is also accessible.

Visually intuitive: Level Money does a fantastic job of communicating the state of your budget. It's a momentary indicator for immediate financial judgments, and its bubbly design and fluid interactions make budgeting a smoother experience.


Limited specificity: Level Money lacks the complexity for longer-term financial planning. If you want a more detailed breakdown, apps like Mint will better suit your needs.

Bottom Line

Level Money cures the headache of budgeting by spreadsheet and solves the mystery of how much you have to spend. The app is appropriate for day-to-day use on a mobile device and clearly communicates the urgency of its primary purpose: to help you save and not spend beyond your means.

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