TaxACT Ultimate Bundle review

Deduct charitable giving and more with this affordable Web-based tax software.

In addition to federal and state tax preparation and eFiling, TaxACT's affordable 2013 Ultimate Bundle helps you maximize deductions for non-cash charitable giving with audit-backed values for more than 1,300 commonly donated items. It has all the features offered in TaxACT's free and deluxe bundles, such as the ability to import previous tax documents, even if you didn't use TaxACT, audit support, and several support options, including phone help. Unlike many similar online tax services, it includes state filing. TaxACT Ultimate Bundle comes in several versions, including software you can download or install via an optional CD and a version for multiple federal returns. But the Webware version is an even better bargain. You can start the process for free and pay when you file, too.

We clicked "Start for Free" on the TaxACT Web site to log in, but you can start your federal tax return in TaxACT Ultimate Bundle without even registering -- something few (if any) comparable services allow. The step-by-step process involves entering major life events, like marriage, that can significantly affect your tax rate and burden. Anyone who remembers the early days of eFiling will be pleased to see the huge list of tax forms TaxACT Ultimate Bundle handles, but better still is the help, including a video tutorial, forums, calculators, and extras like Tax Tutor Guidance and Answer Center.

The Web-based version of TaxACT Ultimate Bundle is a flexible and cost-saving alternative to traditional tax software. Taxes are seldom easy to prepare, much less pay, and you'll still need to have all your receipts, deeds, and so on, handy. But now taxpayers with deductions can enjoy the advantages of eFiling, too. TaxACT Ultimate Bundle adds excellent value to the mix.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of TaxACT Ultimate Bundle 2013.

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