Sound Forge Pro for Mac review

Touch up your audio files with an app that can adjust the sound levels and add additional channels.

Sound Forge Pro for Mac lets you remaster audio files using an elegant and streamlined interface. This premium app offers many ways of adjusting your audio tracks, such as setting waveform peak ranges, delays, distortions, filters, and more. It also supports adding multiple channels and removing noise, but it lacks software instruments, save for a rudimentary synthesizer.

Sound Forge Pro for Mac features a streamlined interface that follows Apple's aesthetics. There are three side panes, which can be hidden, as well as a toolbar with an LED display. The sound editing is done using an extensive plug-in system in which you load extensions and have them affect the track or a part of it. Some key attributes that can be adjusted are the equalizer, compressor delay, reverb, filter, distortions, peak ranges, and others. The app also features options for adding more channels, creating crossfades, loudness logs, noise reduction, automatic trimming, sound stretching, and more. A tool bundled with the software is Convrtr, which you can use for batch conversions of audio files.

If you need to fine-tune a track or make some minor edits, Sound Forge Pro for Mac will likely provide all the tools you need. And thanks to its plug-in foundation, the app's functionality can be easily enhanced by adding new extensions. The biggest drawback of the app is the lack of any decent software instruments.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Sound Forge Pro Mac 2.0.177.

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