Graphic Pro Software for Mac review

Mix and match graphics to create amateurish images using a very basic app that's not a very successful Windows port.

Graphic Pro Software for Mac creates basic pictures by combining built-in images with two-dimensional shapes and text. The Windows port feels out of place on OS X and leaves plenty of room for improvement in terms of interface, features, and usability. When it comes to functionality, you won't find anything professional despite the app's name; it's on the same level as MS Paint, if not lower.

Right from the start Graphic Pro Software for Mac leaves a bad impression: It doesn't have an icon. The developer provides a free graphics pack with the app, but it is up to you to figure out how to integrate it. The main interface is stark, consisting of a vertical toolbar with all the options. When inserting artwork from the built-in library, the app offers the DS_Store settings file as a category -- a sign of a poorly tested port. Moreover, all the shortcuts are mapped with a Windows configuration. During testing we tried the layer support, which turned out to be just a list of all graphics on the canvas. Still, each graphic can be tweaked by giving it a custom hue, shadow, and transparency. In terms of export options, the app supports JPEG and PNG with a transparent option.

If you're looking for a serious drawing and image editing application, Graphic Pro Software for Mac will leave you wanting more. Though ambitious, it's underdeveloped and poorly tested, capable of handling only the most basic of projects. A better purpose for it would be to entertain kids.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Graphic Pro Software for Mac 1.1.

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