CopyPaste Pro for Mac review

Preserve your clipboard when restarting your Mac and recover accidentally overwritten content with this feature-packed app.

CopyPaste Pro for Mac automatically makes backups of your clipboard each time you copy new images or text. In addition to its main functionality, this premium product seeks to improve the experience of copying and pasting content by introducing new or enhanced ways to do those actions. Unfortunately, the many bugs in those tools hurt the app.

To paste a previously copied clip with CopyPaste Pro for Mac, you just have to click on the "Menu Bar" icon, which will reveal a list of recently used clips. Note that using the Menu Bar will initiate a pasting sequence, which will result in an error sound if no text entry field is active. A nice touch to the history is the automatic prevention of duplicate clips. In our tests ClickClip, which uses the mouse to copy and paste, worked only for copying content. Also, ClipAppend, which adds the selected text to the current clipboard, inserts a new row even if none was copied. The app also tries to keep track of drag-and-drop actions, shorten URLs, sort Web and e-mail addresses, insert a date and time, and convert text to upper or lower case, but these features are for the most part either buggy or clumsy to use.

While CopyPaste Pro for Mac has a solid foundation, it feels rough and unpolished. The core functions work well, but the large number of buggy superfluous features takes away much of its value. Still, if you like to tinker with half-baked apps, or plan to use only the basic functionality, you'll find this app useful.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of CopyPaste Pro for Mac 3.5.

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