Color Sudoku for Mac review

Test yours puzzle-solving abilities with an addictive Sudoku game that leaves its mark on the visuals.

Color Sudoku for Mac modifies the classical game by replacing the nine numbers with nine different colors while keeping the rules of the game unchanged. The developers have added a Japanese motif to this premium app by using music and visuals associated with the Far East. In terms of gameplay, using colors instead of numbers can be a bit jarring at first, but at the same time it makes the game accessible to small children.

Color Sudoku for Mac features a pleasant interface, which supports OS X's fullscreen mode. Unlike the traditional version that uses numbers, this game lets you make a selection from a color wheel, which pops up when you tap on an empty square. One inherent limitation of this version of Sudoku is the inability to distinguish between the colors you've placed and the ones preset in the beginning. In terms of options, you can adjust the volume for sound effects and music, choose among five difficulty levels, and toggle hints and Relax Mode on and off. For new players, the game also offers an Instructions screen, as well as unlimited undo actions.

If you like solving Sudoku puzzles and want to try an interesting variation of the classic game, you should grab Color Sudoku for Mac right now. With its wide range of difficulties and entertaining gameplay, this premium app will appeal to first-time players as well as to those wanting a real head-scratcher. The use of colors instead of numbers makes the app especially accessible to younger audiences.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Color Sudoku for Mac 11.1.0.

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