Allgood Solitaire for Mac review

Play popular as well as obscure versions of Solitaire with this feature-rich, good-looking game collection.

Allgood Solitaire for Mac combines more than a hundred variants of the popular card game into one convenient shareware app. It performs well and has all the essential features you would want to see in a game collection of its kind, including cheats. In addition to attractive visuals, the app boasts unlimited undo actions, statistics, and a favorites shortlist.

Upon launch, Allgood Solitaire for Mac presents you with a tips window that helps you get started. The default game is Klondike, but choosing another variant is as easy as browsing the app's menus. In terms of visual preferences, you can turn off animations, choose different front and back card styles, change backgrounds, and even add your own player image. While playing, you can undo all taken actions. Other cheats include disabling the rule of having to place only kings on vacant tableau, revealing the positions of all aces, and showing the next turned card or how many cards are left in the stock. Two other noteworthy features are keyboard shortcuts and the option to save unfinished games, so that you can resume them later.

If you enjoy card games and especially Solitaire, you should definitely try Allgood Solitaire for Mac. From the pleasant graphics and smooth gameplay to the plethora of game variants, this app is certain to provide you with many hours of entertainment. And if you don't like redoing the same game, the cheats provided will save you time.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Allgood Solitaire for Mac 5.1.

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