StyleCapture review

Take a screenshot, save it, edit it, or paste it into a new document with this easy-to-use app.

StyleCapture is a tool for capturing all types of screen and window shots of your desktop that you can then edit, save, and send. With an intuitive interface and multiple options for getting the shot you want, this program makes taking perfect screenshots accessible for beginners and experts, alike.

When you install this program, you can choose the language you prefer from a list containing over 50 options. Once the software is in place, the interface is composed of six buttons across the top of the window that let you take different types of captures, and that provide access to saved images and the program settings. From the settings screen, you can turn on features that copy each capture to the clipboard for easy pasting into another document. Or you can have the new capture immediately sent to an associated program such as Microsoft Paint to be edited. There are also various options for capturing shots on the main screen including two types of rectangle captures that let you frame any part of the screen, as well as a window capture and a fullscreen capture.

All captures are saved to the folder of your choice, and you can turn on a feature to confirm saving after each shot. This program is free and straightforward to use, and it offers a nice array of features for a program of this type.

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