Soft4Boost Video to Flash review

Convert your video files to Flash in just a few steps with this useful app.

Soft4Boost Video to Flash takes your video files and converts them into Flash video format for ease of use on your blog or Web site. With this program, you'll have no trouble embedding your videos, and you can protect them from unauthorized reuse by watermarking them, as well.

During the installation process for this app, you'll be able to choose your preferred language from a list that includes English, French, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, French, and more. When the program is in place, you can customize its look further by selecting the skin that best suits your style. Options include XFactor, VIPZone, Metal, iTunes, iPhone, Android, and Bionix. The interface of this app is relatively straightforward, but there is also a Help feature that takes you to the company's home page that you can use as a reference. At the top of the window, you'll see boxes for the source file name and the output file name, and below them, an option to select the output format you prefer. Your choices here are between best quality, normal quality, optimal quality, low quality, and lowest quality. Under additional parameters, you'll find options to create an HTML page for Web sharing with player template options that include YouTube, or SFW player templates.

There are also features that loop the video, auto-start it when the window opens, crop the source video, and add an image as a watermark. If you like to use videos on your Web site, this is a good free program for converting them into Flash, and it runs smoothly.

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