Alpha Clipboard review

Streamline your copy-and-paste process with this convenient utility app.

Alpha Clipboard acts as an extension of your regular clipboard to allow you to store multiple text and image clips, and paste them into documents later. Just select and copy items as you normally do, and this app will store them in a list for you, so that you can paste items whenever you want and in whichever order you want, all at once.

The intuitive interface of this app makes it even more convenient, with a notepad-like appearance containing two columns. The left-hand column is yellow, and it holds the most recent 25 clips you've copied to your clipboard. As you copy more, the oldest of the clips will automatically drop off. But if there are certain clips you'd like to save indefinitely, you can move them to the white area on the right by dragging and dropping. There are also some tools across the top of the screen that let you turn capturing off for certain programs, designate when you want the program to clear the Windows system clipboard, and set hot keys for various features. While the basic functions of the app are pretty straightforward and no problem to pick up, there are also several helpful tutorial videos available that will ensure you make the most of the software.

Overall, this is a useful app, and its streamlined interface makes it accessible for both experienced and beginning users. The free version features only one white column in which you can save and organize favorite clips, but there is a more powerful version, Spartan Clipboard, which you can upgrade to for $29.99 and up, and that offers more storage space for frequently used clips among other features.

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