Social Downloader review

Download friends' pictures and more with this free social media app.

Back up your Instagram photos and Facebook posts with Sakysoft's Social Downloader for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, a free tool for Windows XP through 8. You can add multiple accounts for each, but you'll need to add at least one account to access the tool. If you're logged in, Social Downloader can add your account more or less automatically, with the usual privacy agreements and such.

Social Downloader's blue-themed interface opens with a quick start page describing how to use the program in four clicks: 1) Select the Facebook or Instagram tab in the sidebar; 2) Add or select an account; 3) Select what you want to save: Friends' photos, for example. 4) Click "Download All" or "Download Selected." Our Friends list appeared in the tree view; clicking one expanded the view to display their photo albums and other shared content. We merely had to check the boxes next to the appropriate thumbnails: Social Downloader did the rest. We like the "Reverse" button, but the "View" button merely downloaded the image and opened it in our default viewer. We prefer to download and save files to a specific destination, which we could enable in the Options.

Unfortunately, Social Downloader's Twitter tab was under construction, but the program updated itself twice while we were using it, so the feature may be active by the time you read this. The progress bar froze on one run, and we had to close the app via the Task Manager. But even then it downloaded the selected data. Social Downloader helps you hang on to the best parts of your rapidly changing social media life.

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