RAR to ZIP Converter review

Convert RAR files to ZIP files with this easy-to-use freeware.

If you need to access RAR files, but don't have WinRAR or a compatible tool, try RAR to ZIP Converter. It converts RAR archive files to ZIP files, which more users have the tools to open. RAR to ZIP Converter is compact, free, and easy to use. It offers different compression levels and password protection.

When you're busy and have all kinds of windows open, RAR to ZIP Converter's super-basic user interface is a welcome sight. Nothing extra clutters up the layout. Fields for RAR File and ZIP File each have an optional password field. Compression level ranges from No Compression to The Best Compression, which is the slowest. A progress bar rounds out the control suite. There's no Help file, but RAR to ZIP Converter is easy to figure out: Browse to the RAR archive file you want to extract, name the ZIP file, select compression, add passwords (if desired), and click "Save As." No- or low-compression processing is fastest, but even high compression jobs are fast. Since RAR to ZIP Converter is likely to be used for quick jobs instead of major archiving duty, it's likely to be fast enough at any setting.

A surprising number of similar tools omit the password option, which can add new and special layers of frustration to your day. But RAR to ZIP Converter proves it can handle the process easily. Even if you already have a do-it-all archive tool that extracts RAR files, RAR to ZIP Converter's speed and ease of use make it a go-to solution for everyday jobs.

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