YouTube Saved review

Keep looking for a good-performing free YouTube downloader; this isn't it.

Guppy's YouTube Saved is a very basic free YouTube downloader and file converter. Although it's free, extremely compact, and not difficult to use, it offers few of the conversion formats and options found in nearly every other YouTube downloader these days, free or not. Worse, it's buggy and crash-prone.

YouTube Saved's installer required us to decline more "extras" than we're used to seeing, so be careful as you install this one. The super-basic user interface describes the program's four steps: 1) Copy and paste a YouTube URL; 2) Select your device from the drop-down menu; 3) Select a destination folder; and 4) Start. There's no Help file or settings, and we declined to click the Special Offers link. We pasted a video's URL and clicked the Format menu, but instead of device types, the drop-down menu offered just five choices, and two of those were 3GP. The others were MP4, FLV, and WebM. But YouTube Saved downloaded our video to our selected folder and offered to play it, which we opted for. File quality is adequate for YouTube or mobile devices. But when we tried to download a new video, YouTube Saved issued a series of script error messages and then froze and crashed. The script error messages persisted after we closed and reopened YouTube Saved.

It's not difficult to do better than YouTube Saved. Free YouTube downloaders are common, even abundant, and we've tried many. All but a handful of them outperformed YouTube Saved.

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