USB Show review

Look elsewhere for a usable tool to show hidden files.

USB Show apparently recovers files lost or hidden due to a virus or malware on USB drives, but it's hampered by a garbled English translation that creates confusion about what this portable freeware is, what it does, and how it does it. Documentation provided by the publisher says it lets you "view the files, which by some virus or person were hidden." We applied it to hidden files on a USB thumb drive and our system, but USB Show didn't unhide them.

We extracted USB Show and clicked the program, which opened with its user interface in Spanish. We clicked the "English" button, but the translation didn't help much. The program's welcome message said, "For recovery your hide files only make click down and USB Show report when are done." Aside from "English" and "Espanol" buttons, the only control is a button labeled "Recovery the Hide Files." We clicked it, browsed on a tree view to our USB drive, and selected a folder containing some hidden files. We pressed the "Recovery" button, and a pop-up notified us when USB finished. But it didn't unhide the files. We translated the Help/About file from Spanish to English and verified that the program works with hard drives, as well as USB drives, but that route proved equally ineffective.

Perhaps USB Show only reveals files hidden by a virus, which we didn't have handy, though it supposedly finds files deliberately hidden, too. Or maybe it wasn't fully compatible with our system, though we might need a translation service to find out. At any rate, USB Show needs polishing. For now, it doesn't seem to get the job done.

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