Smart Writing Tool - 7notes HD review

Jot something down, add text, draw a diagram, and then save your note and send it with this utility app.

Smart Writing Tool - 7notes HD gives you the tools to take notes in a variety of ways and include them all in one document. You can type on a virtual keyboard, write things out longhand with your finger or a stylus, or draw a diagram to ensure your instructions or reminders are clear. You can then quickly send them off in an e-mail or post them to Twitter, Facebook, and more.

This app has an intuitive and accessible interface, and the tutorial that opens the first time you use the app clearly explains how to take advantage of all its features. The handwriting space is large, and the app records all of your strokes, accurately. Every time you hit "Enter," whatever you wrote will be posted to the document above so you can see it. As you write, the window scrolls automatically once you reach the end, and you can use the arrows to move back and forth over what you've written to see what's there or check for mistakes before posting it. If you'd rather type, you can switch to a virtual keyboard. It's just as easy to switch back to handwriting with the icons in the upper left-hand corner of the writing or typing window. New documents can be created with one, two, or three columns, and when you're finished with a note, tapping the connect icon will bring up your options for exporting your note. These include e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, a PDF, your photo album, a printer, and another application.

Smart Writing Tool is free, it runs well, and it offers a nice array of features to make note-taking and sharing much more convenient and effective.

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