Smart Writing Tool 7notes review

Jot something down with your finger or type it on the keyboard, and then save or send the note anywhere, so you have it when you need it.

Smart Writing Tool is a note-taking app that lets you write with your finger or stylus, or type as you normally would on a keyboard. This is especially useful if you want to draw a picture or diagram to send to someone or to save for future reference. With the premium version of the app, you can also combine written notes with voice recording.

When you open Smart Writing Tool for the first time, you're introduced to the various features of the app by a comprehensive tutorial. You can test out the features and get a good feel for how they work, and then when you're ready, you can start taking your own notes. To write out your notes in handwriting, select the stroke option from the menu and start writing in the space that pops up at the bottom of the screen. Every time you hit "Enter," whatever you've written will automatically appear on the paper on top of the screen, and as you get to the end of the section, the window you're writing in will scroll to the left. You can use the arrows to move back and forth through what you've written before sending it to the note, as well. To type, just tap the menu button again, and then switch to keyboard.

Once you've entered in everything you need, tap "Connect" from the toolbar running across the bottom of the screen, and choose where you want to send your note. Options for sharing notes include e-mail, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, and more, and you can also save a note to your photo album, turn it into a PDF, or print it out. This app is free to use, and to unlock all of the premium features, you can upgrade for $7.99. Smart Writing Tool is definitely useful, especially if you often find yourself taking complicated notes on the go.

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