Ringtones 600,000+ and Ringtone Maker review

Create ringtones from your own music, or use some of the thousands of free tones provided in this convenient app.

Ringtones 600,000+ and Ringtone Maker provides you with nearly unlimited options for new custom ringtones for your phone. You can select from thousands of preloaded tones, or you can create your own ringtones using clips of music from your iTunes library. Create the tones in the app, save them to your computer, and then sync them to your phone from iTunes to make your ringtone stand out from the crowd.

This app has a relatively intuitive interface, with main menu options to make a ringtone from music, make one from a recorder, access the list of your downloaded ringtones, and access 600,000+ ringtones. When you select the option to make a ringtone from your music, the app automatically brings up your iTunes library for you to browse through. When you've selected the song you were looking for, you'll be taken back to the app, where you can select the section of the song you'd like to use. You can slide the tuner to any part of the song, and select a clip that's up to 40 seconds long. Then just save it to your phone and start on a new one. Choosing the recording option lets you speak right into the microphone and then turn that clip into a ringtone.

In order to use the ringtones you make, you do have to transfer them to your computer, and then back to your phone through iTunes. There are clear instructions in the Help menu that walk you through this process, though. When we tested the app, the section with 600,000+ ringtones never loaded, but otherwise the app worked fine. This is a good option if you'd like to create custom ringtones on your phone.

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