Pink Home Screen Designer Pro review

Create all kinds of custom backgrounds to give your phone the look you want with this app.

Pink Home Screen Designer Pro contains multiple options for wallpaper, as well as shelf designs and frames, to help your phone look its best. Use some of the available options, or choose a photo from your camera roll, and then add the finishing touches to design a background that makes you smile every time you turn your phone on.

The interface of this app is highly intuitive, but the one major drawback is the number of fullscreen ads that pop up as you try and use it. The ads can be cleared quickly, though, and if that doesn't bother you too much, the user experience is quite pleasant. The app comes preloaded with 16 wallpaper options, almost all of which incorporate pink somehow, and many choices for shelf design. You can also choose where you want the shelves to appear and where you don't, which is especially nice since some of the wallpapers have images you might not want to block. When you've made all of your design choices, you can hit preview to see what it would look like before saving the design to your phone.

There are also options for selecting a photo from your camera roll and having it turned into wallpaper through the app. And you can unlock various other wallpaper and frame packages with different themes by downloading additional promoted apps from time to time. The ads can be a bit of a nuisance, and there is no option to pay to remove them, but the app, itself, runs well and offers some nice options.

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