Password Memory review

Keep all of your log-ins in one place with this handy utility app.

Password Memory lets you enter in all of your log-in information for various sites, as well as the site URLs, to use as a reference later. In this app, your username and password for each site, as well as the name of the site and the URL are displayed together, so you don't have to worry about remembering any of them, yourself. And all of this information is protected by your master password or pin.

The first time you open Password Memory, you'll have to enter the default pin (1-2-3-4) to get in. Once you've logged in, you can either change your master pin, or you can start entering sites and log-ins. For every site, you can make entries for the site name, username, password, and site URL. Each site you save will show up in a list in the middle of the screen, so you can access it at anytime. To make another entry, tap the Add new memory tab at the top of the screen. Tapping on an item in the list will display its information in the lower portion of the screen. From there, you can tap the "Go Site" button below the site info to go directly to the URL you entered for that site. There are also several different background designs you can choose from if you want to customize the app.

The interface is not totally intuitive, so it takes a bit of time to get used to. You also have to enter all information in manually, and the app does not log you in to any of the sites, automatically. It only stores the info, so you can look it up later on. The free version of this app lets you store info for up to five sites. To unlock unlimited sites, you have to upgrade for $0.99.

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