PaperAct Scan review

Make copies of important documents, save them, and share them from this utility app.

PaperAct Scan lets you take photos of important documents, turn those photos into documents, store them, and share them as needed. No matter where you are, you can quickly make a copy of anything you need with this app, and you can include it in an e-mail, either as a link or as an attached PDF.

This interface of this app is a little confusing at first, and you do need to create a free account to use it. Once that's done, though, you can begin snapping pictures of your documents to save or send. When you take a photo, you only need to make sure the whole document you want to capture is in the photo. After you take it, you can drag a frame to mark off the borders of the image you want to save. Unfortunately, the borders don't seem to always be accurate. During testing, the image that was saved was not always the one that was marked off, so you'll sometimes have to redo your uploaded documents.

The main menu screen of PaperAct Scan gives you options for capturing and uploading documents, choosing an image from your photo gallery, or accessing your electronic filing cabinet. This last option takes you out of the app and to a Web site where your documents are stored. This is a nice feature, but the site doesn't always display properly on mobile devices. Overall, this app isn't bad for a free document scanner, and the array of features is nice, but the interface and performance could use some fine tuning.

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