Mystic Square Puzzle review

Slide tiles to unscramble all kinds of fun pictures in this puzzle game.

Mystic Square Puzzle features multiple pictures that you can unscramble by sliding tiles around on the board. Whether you like the images that come with the app or want to use some of your own, this game offers three difficulty levels and can provide many hours of puzzle-solving enjoyment.

This app has a streamlined and intuitive interface, with a large image of the puzzle you can try to solve taking up most of the screen and a button below it labeled "Start." When you hit "Start," you'll move to the gameplay screen where you can actually manipulate the puzzle tiles. Also on this screen, is a toolbar across the bottom from which you can adjust the difficulty level or choose a new picture. Difficulty options are easy, normal, and hard, and all they impact is how many tiles the puzzle is broken into. On easy mode, you're dealing with a 3x3 square, normal mode is a 6x6 square, and hard mode involves an 8x8 square. On all levels, one space is left blank to give your room to slide the other tiles around until you get them into the right order. The 13 photos that come with the app are all from the movie "Kung Fu Panda."

To change the picture you're working on, tap the camera icon at the bottom of the screen. This brings up a menu that lets you select another picture from the app library or from your camera roll. You can even take a new photo to use immediately if you want. This app is free and offers plenty of options for creating new puzzles and challenges.

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