Frogs Vs Pests Seasons review

Keep your flowers safe by eating all the pests that come close in this innovative game.

Frogs Vs Pests Seasons is a game that pits the frogs protecting their lily pads from the bugs that want to come eat the flowers. It's your job to make sure the flowers stay intact, and the bugs are the ones who get eaten. Potential attackers come from all directions, so you have to be ready to rotate 360 degrees to head off their advances.

This app has an intuitive interface and comes ready to play. The first level gives you a good chance to get used to the controls, as the flies and other bugs don't come at you too quickly. But as you advance, the challenges increase rapidly. By the time you're on the third level, you're controlling two frogs that each have to handle multiple incoming pests at the same time. And some of the pests take more than one hit to get rid of. The hits you deliver are actually from your frogs' tongues, as you can pull back and slingshot the tongues out to let them eat the incoming pests.

The interface of Frogs Vs Pests can get a little crowded on your iPhone, as you may need to use multiple fingers at once, and that blocks parts of the screen from view. But the game is fun and challenging enough, but also something you can put down at any time. If you need something to help you pass the time, this one is worth a try.

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