Mozilla Firefox for Android review

Browse the Web quickly and safely with one of the most polished and well-optimized mobile browsers available on Android.

Mozilla Firefox for Android adds a new main screen and bookmarking feature to its already robust mobile browsing. It's an incredibly faithful mobile version of a desktop browser and one of the premier browsers on Android. There's no reason not to give this app a shot, especially if your current mobile browser doesn't fully satisfy you.

The new Mozilla Firefox for Android comes with all the features you love in the original Firefox -- tabbed browsing, Firefox Sync, and great speed, to name only a few. Added to that is one of the premier incognito modes for mobile browsing, which will protect your online security from insidious cookies or snoops prying into your browsing history. Its speed won't disappoint you, either -- pages loaded a step faster than in Chrome and Dolphin in our side-by-side tests. The difference isn't big, only some milliseconds; but if you surf the Web a lot, it shows. Firefox's latest features include a new home screen, which works a lot more like the speed dial on desktop browsers, and the ability to pin a particular tab from your browser onto your phone's main home screen for easy access.

If you're already using Firefox on your PC, there's no reason for you not to use it on your Android phone or tablet. The new home screen feels awesome, the speed is great, and the improved tab pinning is a nice addition. Mozilla Firefox for Android stands out from other mobile browsers -- few combine so many features and yet remain fast and easy to use.

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