Mozilla Firefox for Mac

Browse the Web and stay connected to your favorite social networks with a fast, secure, and reliable Web browser.

Mozilla Firefox for Mac comes with a new Social API that allows you to integrate multiple social sites into your browser and chat or receive notifications more easily. Various security and code improvements have also been made, but you probably won't notice these unless you're a theme or add-on developer. The browser remains fast, safe, and accessible.

After downloading the new Mozilla Firefox for Mac, drag it into the Applications folder and then move the app icon to the dock. Launch it and you can run several services at a time with the new Social API. Not all major networks are supported yet, but Facebook is. Apart from the social improvements, Firefox is still the same powerful yet streamlined browser that Windows users have come to love, featuring easy tab-browsing, advanced privacy controls, effective pop-up blocking, and fast settings and bookmarks syncing across computers, not to mention many excellent add-ons. Note, though, that some add-ons available for the Windows version may not be available on Mac. In terms of speed, Firefox for Mac is right there at the top.

If you want to try out a new browser, you won't find any better than Mozilla Firefox for Mac. It's fast, lightweight, and packed with all the features you can possibly demand from a Web browser. The new release, though, by no means revolutionary, does make Firefox a more "social" browser.

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