Mozilla Firefox 27 review

Surf the Web while running multiple integrated social services with one of the world's fastest and most accessible browsers.

Mozilla Firefox's latest incarnation adds an improved social platform to its bevy of creative settings and host of add-ons. The new Social API lets you embed social networks into the browser for easy access, bringing you convenient updates and notifications from Facebook and other networks. If you haven't already tried this browser, there's no better time than now.

Mozilla Firefox prides itself on being on the cutting edge with its many features and high performance. The new release consistently performs near the front of the pack in terms of speed, running in our side-by-side tests neck and neck or slightly faster than strong contenders like Chrome or Opera. As one of the first browsers to support add-ons and extensions, Firefox boasts one of the largest add-on databases on the Web -- most add-ons are already compatible with the new release, increasing its functionality as well as enhancing its essential features like tabs, secure browsing, or sync. The most interesting feature of the new release, Social API, lets you receive notifications, chat, and more by integrating multiple social sites. It doesn't work with all the big social sites yet, but the list of supported networks will grow in time. Mozilla Firefox 27 provides one of the best browsing experiences available, with a sleek interface that gives you plenty of room to browse. While the new release doesn't bring many new features, Social API is a welcome addition, as are the various security fixes and code improvements for developers.

You won't find many better browsers than Mozilla Firefox, and you'll find even fewer that get better as you use them. If you're already in love with one of the major browsers, you might not find enough here to pull you away, but Firefox's latest version is a strong entry in the field.

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