Ulitmate Windows Customizer review

Customize every element of your computer's layout with this handy executable.

Ultimate Windows Customizer lets you make radical changes to your Windows interface in a matter of seconds. It lets you completely redesign everything from Windows' built-in programs and utilities to random things like your "Start" button. While you might need a few minutes to figure it out, the program unleashes all sorts of control and customization for your computer's appearance.

This program lets you change multiple elements of your Windows interface from the same tabbed menu. In addition to the layout changes you'd be able to make in Windows already, this app lets you change the lines, fonts, and other details of the startup screen, Windows media player, and other programs you normally might not be able to touch in Windows. It even lets you change Explorer and other context menus to behave a lot more closely to the way you'd actually use them. Though many of the design changes Ultimate Windows Customizer opens up are based on performance, there are a few style changes -- like adding drop shadows and other accents to text -- that are worth making. The program often prompted a pop-up window that said it was trying to access a part of Windows' Registry that it shouldn't, but it never did any damage when we tested it.

Those quirks come with the territory when you're venturing into a realm that you normally wouldn't, though. Ultimate Windows Customizer fits that bill well as it lets you do things with Windows' layout you wouldn't even imagine were possible. If you're the type that likes to tinker, this sleek program makes it rewarding and fun to do so.

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