Free YouTube to MP3 Converter Studio review

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Free YouTube to MP3 Converter Studio is a quick music downloader with just enough features to make the grade. It will let you easily fill your hard drive with tunes you find on YouTube, but it would be nice if it let you grab the video with the audio. If you don't need that from your YouTube downloader, this app will fit most needs.

This program lets you grab videos right from YouTube and download them to your computer. Since it only grabs the audio from the videos, it works remarkably quickly; no download took more than a minute for us when we were downloading videos three to five minutes in length. It didn't sacrifice any of the video's audio quality, either. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter Studio automatically detects any links in your clipboard and gives you a blank screen, so you can plug as many links as you want inside. It also adds itself to Internet Explorer as an add-on, but it doesn't support other browsers, which was a disappointment. In addition to two add-on programs you have to dodge during installation, the app disguises advertisements as buttons for features. Outside of that, the app's menu isn't much to look at, but all of the options are easy to find.

That harkens back to this app's commitment to substance over style, which will be great for people who just need to download music quickly. If that sounds like something you want, Free YouTube to MP3 Converter Studio is an excellent app to choose. Still, if you want videos as well as audio files, you'll have to look elsewhere.

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