Free WMA to MP3 review

Turn your WMA files into the more universal MP3 format for better playback.

Free WMA to MP3 is a fine converter, if all you need is to change over your WMA files. Sadly, most people will want a converter with more format support, and those aren't terribly difficult to find. This app does make up for that obvious lack of support with quality performance, though.

This app takes WMAs -- and only WMAs -- and turns them into MP3s or WAV files. You can't input any other file type, meaning you have to keep the original handy if you ever want the file to go back to its original format. There isn't any support for FLAC or other popular formats, either. In spite of that, Free WMA to MP3 does a fantastic job when it comes to converting. It never took more than ten seconds to get the file converted when we tested it, and it always came out sounding exactly the same to our ears. So, unless you're an audiophile, you won't notice any difference, whatsoever. The app's installation process is regrettably full of land mines. We had to opt out of four different add-on programs that tried to take over our browser and other parts of our computer.

That makes an already narrow app even harder to recommend. While Free WMA to MP3 does its job just fine, there are so many other audio converters that support far more formats without sacrificing any performance. You might be better off with those instead of this, as easy and effective as it is.

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