Free RAR Extractor review

Unpack compressed files, so you can get to the goodies inside.

Free RAR Extractor is fine at unpacking compressed files, but it doesn't do anything to help you compress new batches of files. So, if you spend all of your time opening zipped files, you may prefer this widget over a more complex compression option. Otherwise, stick to the big names in zipping like 7zip and PeaZip.

This program unzips compressed files you receive, so you can access all of the individual files inside. Though it name-drops RAR, it supports just about every compression style you can think of, including the popular alternatives to RAR like ZIP. It never took more than a few seconds for Free RAR Extractor to unlock the files we used in testing, which is not bad at all. The app has a stylish menu that would work really well with touchscreen computers, but it doesn't offer a ton of options. This program doesn't let you compress files like other software might, so you're stuck just unlocking folders with the program. By default, it saves your files in the same folder they came from, so you can easily find them later.

It is hard to imagine anyone wanting compression software that only works one way. If you can find a reason to download a one-way program over another zipping program that offers you two-way compression, this is probably the best one you can find, though. We like that Free RAR Extractor is easy to use and is future-focused, thanks to its touch-friendly layout.

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