WWF Together review

Explore your favorite animals and their habitats with this fun and interactive app.

WWF Together is an app created by the World Wildlife Federation to share information about various species of wild animals. There are sections on specific animals, as well as an area that lets you search the globe to learn about the endangered animals in different areas. This app is interesting for anyone, but it's a great way to help kids learn about endangered species and where different types of animals live.

When you open WWF Together, there is a short introduction that you can skip if you'd like. Then enter the main area to check out the different types of animals featured. On the left-hand side of the screen, there are tabs for navigating the app, including one for accessing the in-depth sections about different types of animals, and another for the globe-view that lets you see where various endangered species live in relation to you. The in-depth area has sections on animals like giant pandas, tigers, gorillas, sharks, polar bears, and more. Every animal has between six and nine different panels that you can page through that contain facts, images, or interactive features that help you understand some aspect of that creature's life.

There are also facetime features for some of the species that let you view a short video of the animal while someone narrates in the background. This app is appropriate for toddlers all the way up through adults, although younger children will need help navigating it. At the moment, there are 12 in-depth animal sections, although more are added from time to time.

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