Photo Frame & FX review

Create fun collages, decorate them, and share them with friends.

Photo Frame & FX offers you multiple tools to help you create collages from your photos, enhance and decorate them, and then share them. You can choose from pages of collage layouts, add filters, and even add animation to create a truly memorable image worth sharing with family and friends.

Once you install Photo Frame & FX, you're ready to go. Just choose the layout that you want and start adding photos. There are a ton of layouts to choose from, including 64 basic options that come free with the app. Next, it's time to select the photos you want to include. Choose anything from your phone, up to six, and then the app will put them into the layout you've chosen. With the photos in place, you can adjust the boarders of the cells to better fit the photos, although you can't zoom in or out in the photo, itself, which is a bit of a drawback. You can also add filters to each photo, individually, and you can include background animation for your entire collage.

The basic app is free, but there are lots of add-ons you can purchase. These include the Ingemar frame set, and several unique filters, each of which cost $0.99. There is also a package of 12 Taro background images for $1.99, and you can remove all ads for $0.99. Even if you don't want to spend any extra money, though, the app comes with more than enough options to let you combine and enhance your photos to make great collages.

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