Impossible Road review

Try and stay on track with this addictive and innovative game.

Impossible Road is an arcade-style game featuring a vessel that you have to guide down a winding track with no guard rails. With nothing on the screen but the track, your vessel, and the controls, there are few distractions and no place to hide in this game. But it's definitely addictive, and can find hours of entertainment once you get the hang of the controls.

Opening Impossible Road means that you're ready to race. On the screen, you'll see a track, somewhat like a roller coaster, twisting and turning down out of sight on a white background. You also have a white circle in front of you, which is your vessel. On either side of the screen are little arrows that you can use to turn your vessel left or right to stay on the track. You accumulate points by passing through gates, or blue lines on the track, which makes this game vaguely reminiscent of downhill skiing as well as riding a roller coaster. If you fail to make a turn, you'll go straight off the side of the track and into the white abyss, although you can still steer out there, and you have a small window in which to get back onto the track.

The mechanics of this game are straightforward, and the interface works well. Impossible Road costs $1.99, and it also integrates with Game Center, so you can compete against your friends. It's definitely easy to get hooked and lose track of time while playing this game, and any fan of arcade-style games should definitely give it a try.

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