Animal Sounds: Moo Box! review

Help your kids find out what sounds different animals make with this children's app.

Animal Sounds: Moo Box! is an app for kids that plays recordings of different types of animals while also showing a photo of each animal. This can help kids learn the sounds that different animals make, as well as what the animals look like and where they live.

The first time you open Animal Sounds, small help windows pop up to explain the various components of the interface. While the interface is fairly straightforward, it's also kind of clunky and definitely not easy to use for kids. Ads do pop up fairly frequently while you're in the middle of using the app, and it's very easy to click them by accident. There are also ads across the bottom of the screen at all times. Animal Sounds contains lists of animals grouped into categories that you can browse through to find your favorites or explore one by one. For instance, you can play the sounds for 16 farm animals, and then move on to the jungle to find out what gorillas, tigers, monkeys, and more say. Other categories include the savannah, birds, and insects. You can also save certain animals to your favorites menu, so you can easily go back to them later.

The main lists of animals are free, but there are two more that require an in-app purchase to unlock. Each list costs $0.99 to access, or you can unlock everything for $2.99. This gives you access to the locked lists, but also to information cards about each animal. And it eliminates the ads. The sounds and photos in this app are nice, but the interface does leave a bit to be desired.

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