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Easily watch videos and movies on your smartphone or tablet.

Video Player doesn't offer much over Android's default player, let alone other advanced video players you can find. Its better features are marred by its overreliance on ads and how difficult it is to set up. That makes it hard to recommend in a world of fantastic free players like VLC and MX Player.

This app lets you play most video formats around, but you have to download a second app just to get it to play anything. Once you download that small add-on, the video player works fine, but it doesn't offer much more than a window for your videos. It's automatically fullscreen, but you can't change format, take screenshots, or even access subtitles from this player; all you can do is fast-forward or rewind. The app does give you an easy way to browse your videos, though. We had no trouble finding what videos we wanted in a few taps. When you first play a video, a pop-up ad shows up and covers most of the screen until you navigate away. That's in addition to the ad suite that Video Player tries to get you to agree to that will put ads on your browser and search.

The neat menus and ample format support are really the only thing this app has going for it. It plays videos just fine, but the rampant ads do too much to spoil the usability. Video Player might be more worthwhile if it added more features to its player, though.

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