SnowBros review

Jump over and freeze your enemies as you take the role and adorable snowman.

SnowBros was a cult hit in its time, and now you can play this classic, somewhat forgotten game on your phone or tablet. It feels just like it did in its original form, if you were lucky enough to play it the first time around. If not, you'll have no problem jumping right in and enjoying this fun game.

This game is a port of the '90s-era arcade and NES game that capitalized on the success of the Bubble Bobble series. Just like that game, this game features twin brothers -- Nick and Tom, who happen to be princes masquerading as snow men -- who shoot their opponents as they jump up and down a level, trying to finish off enemies. The emulator handles the game smoothly, with the NES controls taking a welcome spot on the bottom (or top, if you choose) of your screen. You can play totally offline, but if you choose to play online, you can save your game to the cloud or share it with other players who hang out on NES emulators. SnowBros lacks ads, which is a welcome change from most smartphone games and even some NES emulators.

While this game isn't that much different from a game most people have already played, it's still a worthwhile time-waster. It's especially cool if you love top-scrolling games where you dodge your enemies, since it's a little more challenging than the game it borrows tactics from. SnowBros is a perfectly capable NES title for retro gamers to add to their Android-turned-Game Boy.

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