Skateboarding 3D Free Games review

Skate through parks, cities, and other cool environments in this skating game.

Skateboarding 3D Free Games isn't a bad skating game by any means; it's just not better than the free skateboarding games you could play. It's too limited by a lack of moves and somewhat blocky graphics. The lack of missions and objectives severely limits the game's replay value, as well.

This game drops you into one of several environments, so you can skate around freely. If you don't buy the full version of the game, you can only use one player in one environment for 30 seconds before the game shuts you down. You can control the game with a joystick, d-pad, or by tilting your phone, but that's mostly for steering. Jumping and tricks have their own special buttons, which limit you to two tricks in your arsenal. Skateboarding 3D's character designs and environment look very blocky, and it's rare to actually fall in the game like you would in other simulators when you mess up a trick. Each time you finish a run -- which only seems to last a few minutes at the most -- you're hit with a pop-over ad that takes over your screen.

This game starts off on the wrong foot by asking you to pay for features that are standard in most free skateboarding games. It goes downhill from there in terms of gameplay. Skateboarding 3D has a lot of work to do if it wants to rise up the Android charts.

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