MP4 HD FLV Video Player review

Watch videos on your tablet or smartphone, regardless of format.

MP4 HD FLV Video Player offers enough quality to be worth using, but it could use a few advanced features. Its bare-bones player won't win many fans when there are a lot of video players that do everything but sit up and beg. Still, if you just want something that will play your videos without much effort, you've found a good app.

This app is a video player that prides itself on its format support. Sure enough, we couldn't find a format that this app didn't play. The player, itself, just played the video, though, meaning there wasn't a lot of room for advanced features. There was no subtitle support, no way to change how you view your video except for zooming in, or any other perks you'd like a player to have. MP4 HD FLV Video Player's strongest point may well be its browsing interface, not its player. You can search for videos in a smooth folder menu. The app lets you set favorites and search for videos by title or filename, as well. There were no ads on the player, itself, but banner ads do get in the way and serve as the only knock on the app's interface.

A strong interface is great, but we would have liked a few bonus features in this app. Until it adds a way to take screenshots or another useful tool, MP4 HD FLV Video Player has to hope it gets by on format support alone. Unfortunately for it, there are a lot of apps that offer that and extras.

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