Mobolive review

Get a new launcher with custom themes and apps.

Mobolive is a smooth-enough launcher, but its major strength is how developed its marketplace and environment is. It sports plenty of themes, lots of apps for you to download, and so many ways to customize. While you'll have to make some sacrifices to get the most out of it, it's still one of the most advanced launchers available for your phone or tablet.

This app replaces your default home screen and launcher in Android, giving your phone a whole new interface. You can add custom widgets, folders, and apps right on your main screen just as you would Android; but you can change the icons and size with a lot more flexibility. You can even change your home screen's grid size from 4X4 to 5X5! Sadly, Mobolive doesn't support more than five home screens, so you might have to sacrifice a couple to use the app. To make up for it, the app offers plenty of downloadable utility apps like flashlight and weather, as well as downloadable themes that you can adjust to match your mood. You can import your current home screen layout to save you a lot of setup time, as well as back up your home screen to easily put all of the same setup on all of your Android gadgets.

While this launcher may not be able to do everything you want, it hits most of the notes, perfectly. Mobolive's ample customization options are impressive enough, but things get even better when you see how smoothly the app responds to your touches. It's a top tier launcher for new and advanced users, alike.

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