Megaman 1-6 review

Battle Flameman, Cutman, and other legendary villains in this series of games.

Megaman 1-6 is an incredibly valuable, fun collection of the first six games in this influential series. All of the games are exactly as they were when you first played them, even down to the iconic music and difficultly. It's hard to deny the hours upon hours of entertainment value you get here, even if it's covered in ads.

This emulator combines the first six U.S. Megaman games into one package. You can choose any game from the emulator's drop-down menu that almost looks like it might let you add new games if you had the right files. Sadly, when we tried, the game shut down on us. Playing the games feels a lot better and delivers the exact experience of the original Nintendo games. To save you from having to grab a password after every level, this app lets you save your game with ease. You can share your progress in Megaman 1-6 if you like, too. The game puts a set of controls that looks exactly like the original Nintendo controller on your screen, so playing the game is just as easy as it's always been. The game does feature the dreaded Airpush ad suite, though, which can put ads all over your phone if you're not careful.

That's easy to avoid, and this game would still be awesome if it wasn't. Why would you bother trying to download all of these games separately or dusting off your old cartridges when this game presents all six in their classic form? Megaman 1-6 is an essential app if you call yourself a retro gamer.

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