Lep's World review

Become a high-flying leprechaun in this Super Mario-esque platformer.

Lep's World is a cute spin on Mario-esque platformers that is addictively fun to play. Whether you're a big fan of the iconic plumber or strictly play games on smartphones, you'll be able to dive right into this game and have a blast. It's a real treat, but it could use a few more gaming modes.

This game has you take the role of a leprechaun on a mission to collect his lost gold. To do that, you'll have to navigate through several side-scrolling levels that feel exactly like Super Mario World 3. Your little man jumps to smash boxes, bounce on enemies, and shoot projectiles as he collects gold coins. Though the game borrows heavily from one released more than two decades ago, it still feels fresh. That's due in large part to Lep's World's awesome graphics and music, which rarely get annoyingly repetitive like they could in other games. The game, itself, is about all the app has to offer, though, as there are no two-player modes, add-ons to buy with in-game currency, or anything else you might expect. You can sign in to see how you fare on the game's world leaderboards, though.

This game very deftly weaves nostalgic feel with a mobile-centered experience. While Super Mario haters need not even bother with this game, fans of platformers will be treated to an impressively fun experience in Lep's World. It's rare that a game this derivative turns out to be this good.

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