Jump Jump Jump review

Hop over cacti and porcupines as you collect apples in this cute side-scrolling game.

Jump Jump Jump isn't unbelievably innovate or creative, but it is a fun time killer all the same. It has enough cute quirkiness and addictive, challenging gameplay to make you ignore how repetitive and ad-happy it is. It seems like it would be an exceptionally good game for younger kids, as well.

This game puts you in the shoes of an adorable kangaroo that has to dodge obstacles as it collects apples. The only way you can dodge them is by jumping or double jumping, which makes the game impressively easy to pick up and play. It'd be nice if you could slow down the game or slide out of the way of some terrain, though. Jump Jump Jump doesn't have social connections or leaderboards, but it does track your highest score and how far you've traveled in the game. The game has the same musical notes on a loop to give your game a soundtrack, but you can turn it off if -- or more likely when -- it gets too annoying. There isn't much else in terms of settings in this game, though. Every time you complete a run, the game throws a pop-up ad for other apps in your direction.

That makes this game, which already got boring quickly, even more annoying to play, more than a few times. Still, those few times you blast through Jump Jump Jump are enough to see how fun it is. It's a great game if you like challenging side-scrollers, and even better if you have children who love kangaroos.

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