Niv Bible review

Turn your phone into a pocket Bible with this reading app.

NIV Bible isn't a very complex app, but that makes it awesome for people who just need a plain pocket reference. It's very easy to read and browse, though a search or share feature would really push it over the top. Still, it's a fine app if you just want "the good book" and no frills.

This app gives you the full versions of the Old and New Testaments to help you reference passages or study the Bible. The app presents the book in its original order, so you can read the whole Bible in the way it appears in real text or just read it chapter by chapter. NIV Bible puts a virtual bookmark or favorite key on passages you come back to often, just a touch away. That's the only advanced feature this app offers save for the ability to keep your phone awake when it would normally turn off. It won't read passages to you or let you share or discuss passages on social networks the way other apps do.

More translations and features would be welcome, but this app was clearly designed to appeal to people who want an easy-to-read Bible. It most certainly succeeds in that sense. NIV Bible is a fine complement for quick reading or referencing passages during Bible studies or other spiritual gatherings.

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