Bible Gateway review

Read, hear, and explore the Bible with this powerful Bible app.

Bible Gateway is one of the cleanest, most efficient apps for interacting with the Bible that you can find for your Android. It gives you plenty of ways to read or hear the Bible and lets you enjoy your favorite or most important passages over and over. This is an excellent Bible study app, even if you're just beginning your study.

This app isn't just a pocket Bible, but a complete resource for all of the major translations of the book. It lets you create an account -- or log in through Facebook -- and track your Bible study, read any chapter from any translation you want, and even listen to the Bible read by one of several readers in multiple languages. It featured Spanish and Chinese when we tested it, but the Chinese translation crashed frequently. In addition to an impressively clean interface for reading the Bible, Bible Gateway offers a verse of the day, around which you can structure your study. You can make notes about your reading, as well as share any verse you choose right from the app on multiple social networks and messaging platforms.

Though it suffers from the occasional crash, this app can't be topped by other Bible apps. There isn't a better way of carrying this many translations of The Good Book in your pocket, unless you have very big pockets. The fact that Bible Gateway is a delight to use and read just sweetens the already excellent package.

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