All Email Providers review

Reply to all of your e-mails from multiple accounts with one app.

All Email Providers lets you easily control multiple e-mail accounts from one app without the need for a complicated setup or repeated log-ins. Though it could use more options, especially the option for merging inboxes, it's tough to deny how useful this could be for people who have multiple e-mail accounts they use regularly. If nothing else, it can be a lot easier to set up than the default e-mail app.

This app lets you log into multiple e-mail accounts at once, so you don't have to constantly access them from their Web interface. To get into your e-mail, you just log in just like you would if you accessed the e-mail through a browser. Though we didn't see much enterprise support, the app does support most e-mail providers, including big names like Google, Hotmail, and Yahoo, down to names we had never even heard of before. Even if you use an e-mail from Europe or another region, it's likely to be supported. Unlike other e-mail clients, All Email Providers doesn't put all of your e-mails in one window. Instead, it makes you tap the icon to get to that respective e-mail service. While this isn't ideal, it does mean that the e-mail provider's layout always looks exactly like it would if you accessed it from your browser.

Still, this app would be so much more useful if it let you customize your layout and view multiple e-mail providers from the same window. Until it figures out a way to make that happen, All Email Providers isn't much of an upgrade over other clients, except for the fact that it's easy to set up. If that's a big selling point for you, you'll enjoy this basic app.

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